Hey there! My name’s Lara. It rhymes with Sarah.

I’ve been a professional photographer since 2009 and teaching photography since 2015. My favourite photos from all of the sessions and weddings are the candid photos, the real moments. I love documenting other people’s families and lives in an authentic way and I love teaching people to do the same with their own.

Document Your Day to Day is an online home for my teaching. I also offer an online course, Camera Basics, to learn the technical parts of photography and what all the settings on your camera do.

I love my cats, my balcony veggie garden, my island city on the westcoast of Canada, and learning new things every day. I have a tendency to work too much and live in a perpetual state of stress, but I’ve recently figured out how to break that cycle after ten years working for myself. Now I try to balance teaching and taking photos, plus all the other things that go with running a business, with meditation, movement, and taking some time for fun and connection.

You can get to know me better on my personal/photo business Instagram. I also post educational photography things on this website’s Instagram here. If you live in or are planning a visit or wedding in Victoria, BC and want me to photograph you, check out my portfolio site.