This week’s theme is reflection. Reflections can occur in mirrors, windows, puddles, other bodies of water, or most other shiny things. It can create an interesting, artistic effect, but it can also provide more information you otherwise wouldn’t get.

For example, in the first image of the second row, you can see the bride reflected in the mirror and the person she’s speaking to. If the mirror wasn’t there, you wouldn’t see both of them. In the right image of the first row, you can see the inside of the salon and also some reflections from the outside, giving some context to the location.

The mirror reflections in the last three photos draws the eye to the most important part of the photos, the people’s expressions.

If you’re taking a photo through glass and want some of the outside reflected and some of the inside showing, like in the salon photo I mentioned earlier, remember that light things will reflect and dark things will become transparent. So I stood in front of the window and you can see the bride in the salon through the shadow created by my body. You can accomplish the same thing by holding your hand up and shooting through its shadow.

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