Note: By January 2023, I’m going to make this into an any time challenge, so when you sign up, you’ll get the challenges to your email every week starting with the first one.

Last year, I ran a 52 week photography challenge for the first time. Of course, 2020 decided to make everyone’s lives way crazier and mostly harder than usual, so even I got off track with my weekly blog posts.

Find the most recent challenge here.

So I’m going to run this challenge again, using the same themes as last year. For those of you who already did them, you’ll be able to compare your progress on those themes a year apart. For those that missed some weeks or didn’t get to join in last year, you can do the themes for the first time with the rest of the community. Or just go at your own pace.

Writing these blog posts took a lot of work, so I’m hoping reusing them will give me more time to answer questions and engage with you all. You can join our Facebook group to ask questions and share your work or post on instagram using the hashtag #documentyour2021. Sign up below to get a weekly email of the current theme.

Practice is the best way to get better at anything. This really applies to photography. There are so many technical things to learn, you need to practice them often to make the technical part second nature. Once you’ve got the technical parts down, you can focus solely on the creative. But of course, practicing the creative parts is important too (and fun).

I hope these weekly assignments will help you learn, provide some fun, and let you create a set of photos that documents your life in the coming year.

There aren’t any hard rules for this. If you don’t get a chance to do the challenge one week, you can always catch up the next, or just skip that week. The main point of this is to get you using your camera at least once a week, if not daily.

I’ve alternated the themes over four week sets of the following categories: subject/moment, lighting, composition, and technical. The technical prompts might be a little more challenging if you’re just using a cell phone camera, but I’ll offer some workarounds for that each week.

The full list is below including links to the blog post for each week to further explain and give some examples. You’ll find this especially handy with the more technical assignments.

You can follow me on Instagram at @documentyourdaytoday and use the hashtag #documentyour2022. I’ll feature some of your work on my Instagram (with permission), but check out the hashtag to see everyone’s work.