This week’s theme is self-portrait. I used to take a ton of self-portraits when I first started photography. Some of the examples below were even taken with a point and shoot camera prior to 2009 (3, 4, 7, and 8 I believe).

Below are some technical tips for self-portraits. As for non-technical, take several shots so you can choose the best expression. If you feel super awkward, try looking away from the camera.

Use a tripod or something stable to rest your camera on.

If you have a point-and-shoot or camera phone, you should be able to put it in timer mode and just press the shutter before you get in position.

For those of you with DSLRs:

Set up your exposure while looking at the area you want to photograph. You can use a stand-in object to focus the camera.

Use the self-timer:

I’ll let you look this one up in your manual or online, but typically you want to change the shooting mode to remote timer. If you go into your menu on some cameras, you can set it up to take a certain number of shots at a set interval, which can be great for getting more candid style photos.

Then press the shutter halfway down to focus on your stand-in and press all the way to initialize the timer. Go get in the photo!

Use a remote:

This is similar to the self-timer method, except you can hold the remote in your hand and trigger it as many times as you like. Wireless remotes can be picked up for about $20, like this one for Nikon or this for Canon. Make sure to check that it’s compatible with your camera model before buying. Put your camera in remote mode, set the exposure and focus (some remotes/cameras will let you focus remotely as well), and get in the shot.

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