This week’s challenge is balance. There are two ways to apply balance in a photo: visually and with storytelling. I try to do both whenever I can.

The below examples show storytelling balance. The first image shows a bride and groom dancing with the wedding party dancing in the background. The wedding party adds to the story of the day and contrasts with the couple dancing closer together. The second image was a family playing a game. Their contrasting expressions add interest and mystery to the story. The bottom image is a favourite. The guests kept trying to get the couple to kiss and the groom’s sister/bridesmaid was covering her eyes because she thought it was gross. This one is also a good example of visual balance as the couple and bridesmaid balance out the sides of the frame and they’re the same distance from the edges of the frame.

Below are some examples of visual balance. I used objects, like the fountains and driftwood, to balance out each half of the frame with a couple on the other side.

Now go try to find multiple subjects or a subject and an object to balance your frame from side to side or top to bottom. Think about both visual balance and storytelling.

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