This week’s theme is triangles. Geometric shapes catch our eyes, but the triangle in particular is a very strong shape. It can draw your eye in and keep you looking at the photo as your eyes move from point to point. By triangle, I mean actual triangles, lines that converge to form a triangle, or just three noticeable points that create a triangle when mentally connected.

I couldn’t come up with some examples containing actual triangles for you, but here are a couple of ways to use them. You can use them in portraits by positioning three people to form a triangle (or even fewer people with their limbs or heads forming a triangle). These examples are candid, but this can work really well with portraits.

These aren’t perfect examples of triangles, but they give you an idea of how angles that converge at three places can draw your eye around the frame. These strong angles are kind of hard to ignore.

Get out there this week and find me some better examples of triangles or position three things or people to form a triangle in your frame.

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